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Last Prime Minister Binali YILDIRIM Attended MTU Academic Year Opening

13 October 2021
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Malatya Turgut Özal University 2021-2022 academic year opening program was held with an intensive participation. The opening program, in which Toyota CEO Ali Haydar Bozkurt gave the opening lecture, was attended by Efe Özal, son of the late 8th President Turgut Özal, Erdem Holding Chairman Zeynel Abidin Erdem, LC Waikiki Chairman Vahap Küçük and Ayşe Ilıcak.

Last Prime Minister and 28th Term Speaker of the Grand National Assembly of Turkey Binali Yıldırım participated in the program as a surprise to the students by video conference method.

The ceremony, which started with the Trio Music feast, continued with the speeches of the guests and the opening lecture on the "Automotive Sector".

No one can stop our country when your enthusiasm and energy are combined with the experience of previous generations.”

The last Prime Minister Binali Yıldırım, who stated that universities are institutions that prepare young people for the future, teach global thinking, question and gain analytical thinking ability, said, “I am happy to be with you in the opening program of the academic year of Malatya Turgut Özal University, I offer my love and greetings to all of you. Unfortunately, due to the epidemic that ravaged the whole world, our students were away from their schools for a year and a half, and now they are happy to meet with their universities and their teachers. University years are golden years for our youth. As your older brother and best friend, I would like to address you first at the beginning of my speech. When your enthusiasm and energy are combined with the experience of previous generations, no one can stop our country. That's why we will combine our experience with your energy and plan Turkey's next years, 2023 goals, and the work we will do on the way to the 2053 vision together."

Referring to our country's superiority in human resources that are young, dynamic, productive and capable of setting medium and long-term goals, Yıldırım said, “There are some countries that have absolute superiority, these are the countries that have hydrocarbon deposits. We did not have such an opportunity until recently. We have now found a vein in the Eastern Black Sea region. Hopefully, in the future, this will expand and make an important contribution to our country. Countries also have a comparative advantage. Comparative goals mean; a young, dynamic, productive human resource that can set medium and long-term goals. In terms of human resources, our country has the opportunities that can leave many countries behind. We have a young population, and our country has come a long way in the last twenty years in terms of access to university.”

“Equal opportunity is provided in university education and career acquisition.”

Stating that Turkey has a separate population going to universities and emphasizing the increase in the number of female students at universities, Binali Yıldırım said, “This is a very beautiful thing and I want to share something more beautiful with you. The number of female students in university access has started to be higher than that of males. The same thing is increasing rapidly in academic staff. This shows that equal opportunities are provided in university education and career acquisition. This is something to be proud of. Among the members of the judiciary, among our teachers, the number of our female staff has reached men. Since half of our population is women and half men, I find it very valuable that equality of opportunity here has been achieved through effort and struggle, not quotas or protections.”

We have always trusted and proud of young people.

“I am happy to be together with you at the opening of the academic year of our university.
I would like to thank all academic staff and all valuable participants, especially our esteemed Rector Aysun Bay Karabulut. We have always trusted and proud of the youth, the Republic of Turkey will win with you the jobs that aim at the level of contemporary civilizations and beyond, which Gazi Mustafa Kemal Atatürk showed. Our experience and your energy will come together and we will put our country among the shining stars of not only the region but the world. I'm pretty sure of that. I greet you all with love and respect, God bless you." He ended his speech with his statements.

We have ensured the education rights of our students in the best way possible during the pandemic process.”

Starting her speech by commemorating the martyrs and veterans, the founder of our Republic, Gazi Mustafa Kemal Atatürk and his comrades in arms, and our 8th President, the late Turgut Özal, with mercy and gratitude, Malatya Turgut Özal University Rector Prof. Dr. Aysun Bay Karabulut said, “As we start the new academic year, I would like to express that I heartily share the excitement and enthusiasm of our young people who are the guarantee of our future, our families who try to provide them with the best opportunities, and our academics who serve all over the country with great sacrifices. We have always been with our students in social and cultural activities by providing the education rights of our students in the best way during the pandemic process. We have always supported our young people, who are the guarantee of our future, with over 350 online congresses, symposiums, conferences and conversations we have held.”

“We set out on this road to shape the future.”

Stating that Malatya Turgut Özal University has become one of the preferred universities in the region in a short time, Rector Prof. Dr. Karabulut said, “We are growing, we are developing, we are even getting older. We leave and will leave great traces to future generations and history. We set out on this road to know the value of our present, to take advice from our past and to shape the future. We aimed to be a science center that knows the developments in the world well, analyzes the problems and demands for the future, uses technology and can produce new technologies, and we continue to work in this direction.”

”İlim Çin’de de olsa gidip alınız”

Temel amacın bilgiyi ve birikimleri tüm insanlığın kullanımına sunmak ve bilimin ışığında üretimi, büyümeyi sağlamak olduğunu ifade eden Rektör Prof. Dr. Karabulut, “Peygamber efendimiz Hz. Muhammed (Sav), ”ilim Çin’de de olsa gidip alınız” diyerek ilmin ve yeni şeyler öğrenmenin ne kadar mühim olduğunu vurgulamıştır. Hz. Ali ise ”Bana bir harf öğretenin kırk yıl kölesi olurum” ifadesi ile bilgi edinmenin önemini ve değerini tartışmasız bir şekilde ortaya koymuştur. Başöğretmen, Gazi Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, “Hayatta en hakiki mürşit ilimdir, fendir” diyerek, öğrenmenin ülkemizin ve milletimizin geleceğindeki önemini vurgulamıştır. Bu anlamda Üniversitelere de burada çok büyük görevler düşüyor, araştırma ve geliştirme faaliyetlerimizi öğrencilerimiz ile bütünleştirerek, ürün geliştirme ve üretim noktasında faaliyetler gerçekleştirmek zorundayız.” şeklinde konuştu.

“We are taking every step for the employment of our students.”

Stating that they have taken steps towards the employment of students and the development of society, Rector Prof. Dr. Karabulut said, “Yesterday at our Yeşilyurt campus, we met with the first students of our campus, the light in their eyes gives us strength, we work more determinedly and more faithfully. I always say, “Yes I approach you with a mother's affection, because mothers do everything for their children”. They want them to be in the best places. We want you to be young people who represent our country in every field and who tell the name of our university, Turgut Özal.” She thanked President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan for their contributions to the university and Binali Yıldırım, who participated in the opening year program by surprise, and all the guests.

“One of his greatest qualities was unifying.”

Efe Özal, the son of the late President Turgut Özal, gave information about his father's exemplary personality and life. The first was very tolerant. He could tolerate even the harshest criticism. He was conciliatory, not belligerent. Even if you disagreed, he would sit down and listen to you, and he would talk patiently to convince you, and usually he would. In addition to the daily state information, he also followed the matches and tape sales and constantly read it. He was a researcher. This is how he approached life and every subject he was interested in. He was very open to innovations, very curious about technology. In his visits abroad, he would not come without visiting the technology shop. One of its greatest features was unifying. He worked with all kinds of people, regardless of their political views or outlook on life. As long as you have the knowledge to sit at that table.
He was a sharer and never hesitated to share his knowledge and experience with his colleagues. Your rector Aysun Bay Karabulut and your university will give you all kinds of opportunities, but you are the ones who will be successful. Trust yourself, if you trust yourself, you can find a job and be successful anywhere.”

Toyota Turkey CEO Ali Haydar Bozkurt gave information to the students in the opening lesson about how to lead a successful business life after graduation. Saying that he has given seminars at many universities until now, Bozkurt addressed the young university students and said, "If you grow as the right seeds, in the right soil, as the right seedlings and give the right fruits, this country will grow."

Stating that the sought-after gem is found in young people, Bozkurt said, “Therefore, this school no matter where it is in the world rankings, all these are only a small part of the work. If the substance within you shines, if your eyes shine, if you are ready to continue walking in the face of life without giving up and if you are ready to get up again when you fall, life will always provide you with new opportunities.”

Expressing that there are always at least two paths in front of a person in life and that if the easiest one is chosen, easy results will always be achieved, Bozkurt said: “You are very lucky right now. When I started university, there was only one computer in our university building. We used to make an appointment weeks in advance and say it's our turn to work a little. It was also very difficult to find information that day. Today, we have the internet at hand, we have a chance to open up to the world. Now your journey has begun as individuals who are ready to stand on their own feet in our next lives. So don't think that we will finish school, then find a job, start working, in fact, life has already begun.”

“The book allows you to gain an experience in 5 days that you could not gain in 10 years.”

Drawing attention to the fact that reading a book equips people, Bozkurt said, “It allows you to gain an experience that you could not gain in 10 years, in 5 days. Read a lot of books,” he advised. Reminding young people that they have plenty of time to equip themselves, Bozkurt continued his words as follows; “Knowing a foreign language has become almost the same as reading and writing. Because you will look at the publications in the world, you will reach the information. When you search only in Turkish, you reach very little of the total information. For this reason, English is the common language of the whole world and it is not very difficult to learn. If we have friends who have not resolved this issue, university years are your last opportunity. Language is such a thing that it gets harder to learn as you get older, and it is very difficult to find after you start working.”

Bozkurt, who also recommends 'Having fun' to the young people who graduated from the university, in their business life, said, “Having fun is a very important issue. Whatever you do, you can turn it into fun and you will work tirelessly. It is the same in school and in business life. Some of our friends show an approach of wishing we could work at a job we love. But such a world unfortunately does not exist. Turn your job into a job you love. It doesn't matter what you do, it matters how you do it. Trust yourself, for this you have energy, time, environment, and belief.

Stating that Malatya Turgut Özal University is ahead of many universities, even though it is a young university, Bozkurt said, “Parents who send their children here outside of Malatya should be comfortable. They are in safe hands here. There will be many success stories from this university. Even though he was only 3 years old, I saw the services provided here today. You are at a young university equipped with very good facilities. The real value is in you. You will believe in yourself, everything will start with you.

“Deceased Özal became a leader who opened Turkey to the world”

Emphasizing the importance of setting a vision and setting goals in his career, Vahap Küçük, Chairman of the Board of LC Waikiki, said, “As a young man in his twenties, I know the situation in Turkey before the late Özal became prime minister. We had villages without electricity and at that time the majority of the population lived in villages. The late Özal became a leader who formed a government in such a situation under the shadow of the revolution and opened Turkey to the world. Of course, I consider being a student of Turgut Özal University as a pride. I know our rector very well, I know his efforts. Therefore, I think you are a lucky student. Malatya is a city that values students and embraces foreigners. We have to say that there is no effortless job without effort. As long as we deal honestly with our lessons, our research, our curiosity and our diligence.”

Zeynel Abidin Erdem, a companion of the late President Turgut Özal, said, “If Özal was alive today, if he saw your excitement, he would be excited and happy in the same way.” You should be prepared for the seats of those who rule Turkey today and those who ruled yesterday, because this nation always wants to see quality people like you as President, parliamentarian, bureaucrat tomorrow. Don't think to yourself, how can I do this? You are an important value for all of us, you are our tomorrow. You are people who have the quality of being Menderes, Atatürk, Celal Bayar, Turgut Özal. University students should be prepared for this and take this step. If you don't think of it that way, Turkey's future is dark."

Ayşe Ilıcak greeted the students in the program and stated that studying and serving the country are very sacred values. Explaining the importance her husband Bekir Ilıcak gives to Darende Bekir Ilıcak Vocational School students, Ayşe Ilıcak stated that she sees young people as the business people of the future and said that investing in science is serving the future.


13 October 2021
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