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3rd Graduation Ceremony was held at Malatya Turgut Özal University

“Being an MTU Student Makes You Privileged

The 3rd Graduation Ceremony was held for 692 students who graduated from Malatya Turgut Özal University Faculty of Agriculture and Akçadağ, Arapgir, Battalgazi, Darende Bekir Ilıcak, Doğanşehir Vahap Küçük, Hekimhan Mehmet Emin Sungur, Kale Tourism and Hotel Management and Yeşilyurt Vocational Schools.

The ceremony, held at the Battalgazi Agricultural Campus, started with the graduates of the Faculty and Vocational Schools entering the area as a cortege.

At the ceremony, where the student families also showed interest, Rector Prof. Dr. Aysun Bay Karabulut said, “As Malatya Turgut Özal University, our biggest goal is to announce the name of our Malatya, our country, in the national and international arena, while producing and growing. Our greatest assurance in realizing these goals is you, our dear young people, whom we have prepared with great effort. You will proudly carry this flag and proudly represent us in every field you enter.”

“We are in an effort to take our university forward.”

Stating that very important studies have been carried out in the 3-year period since the establishment of the university, Rector Prof. Dr. Karabulut said, “We will be in an effort to take our university forward with a strong teamwork. We will work hand in hand with our academic friends, back to back and adding our night to our day, in order to make our university one of the respected educational institutions of Turkey and the world.

“We prepare our students for the future in line with our goals and ideals.”

In order to raise our students in the best way, we base on innovative approaches and student-centered teaching. In this process, by establishing all the necessary technological infrastructure for our university, we strive to ensure that our academics can be more beneficial and work comfortably and effectively as we take firm steps towards our country's 2023 goals. Malatya Turgut Özal University, which was established 3 years ago with great goals, today produces qualified graduates that it has raised with dedication in line with these goals. In addition to our active Agriculture Faculty and 8 Vocational Schools in our establishment, today we continue our rise with our national and international goals with 6 faculties, 9 Vocational Schools, 2 Schools, 11 Application and Research Centers. We also have 3732 current students and will have an estimated 5500 students next year. At the same time, we have a total of 24 undergraduate departments, 37 Vocational School departments, 41 Vocational School programs, 11 graduate departments and 19 science branches. In line with our goals and ideals, we continue to work on opening faculties, vocational schools, colleges, departments and programs that we consider important in terms of preparing our students for the future. I would like to thank our Higher Education Council President and YÖK members once again in this sense.”

“We have an important potential to become a respected university in Turkey”

Rector Karabulut, who stated that the students went through a difficult university education process, said, “You have endured many difficulties away from your families. Now you are justifiably proud of your graduation. I have no doubt that Malatya Turgut Özal University has prepared you for this new term with a very serious equipment. Undoubtedly, every success is primarily the product of personal efforts, hard and disciplined work. After a long road covered by reading, researching, asking, questioning, sometimes studying until midnight, you have reached your goal, which we can call the first stage. and Malatya Turgut Özal University, which has passed its 3rd year, is a young university that is assertive, continues on its way with confident steps, and has a significant potential to become a respected university worldwide and in Turkey, and we are witnessing the graduations of 692 young people."

“Being at Malatya Turgut Özal University makes you privileged”

Stating that university life is not limited to education only, Rector Prof. Dr. Karabulut said, “Today we are witnessing one of the most important steps taken by our students to the future, we look to the future with confidence, because our students, whom you have raised with great efforts and prepared with devotion by our academicians, are graduating today. You have always been with them not only with their lessons but also with their social relations, you have respected their decisions and you have taken on the role of showing the right path. You should not forget that university life is not limited to education only, and that the vision and values you gain in your environment are a separate part of this education. That's why being at Malatya Turgut Özal University makes you privileged. You all witness the rapid and self-sacrificing development of our university. While choosing our university, you will remember the excitement of that first day and the excitement of today's last day when you feel the difference from the moment you enter the door, and you will feel the excitement of this for the rest of your life.”

“Turkey needs you and your experience.”

This graduation ceremony is not the end for you; Stating that it should be seen as a new beginning to convey the knowledge and values you have obtained from Malatya Turgut Özal University to other people, Prof. Dr. Karabulut said, “As of today, you are taking the first step in a new process in which you will implement the experience you have gained in your long educational journey with practice, effort and hard work. You should never lose your loyalty to your country, nation and ideals in your business life and academic studies. I am sure that each of you will render valuable services to this country as honest, moral and self-confident young people in their working life. We will be proud of your achievements, too. Let doing your job on time and right, working in a disciplined and regular manner be a part of your life philosophy. Turkey needs you and your experience. Throughout your life, always be on the side of right, justice, peace, love, respect, brotherhood, sharing and helping each other, be the defender of these values, be hope for this country. "

Rector Karabulut thanked President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, Ministers, YÖK President Prof. Dr. Yekta Saraç and all his team and members of parliament for their efforts in the development process of the university.

“You have given us professional ethics and the basic values of our nation.”

Büşra Yalçın, the winner of the 2020-2021 academic year, said, “Although Malatya Turgut Özal University is a new university, the support of our professors and research assistants who are competent in their fields has always been with us. At my university, I can honestly say that we have never felt like a student whose traces will be erased after four years. We were the subject of ideals, the founding element of the next generation. Our most important advantage has been our academic staff, which consists of experienced teachers who have devotedly transferred their years of experience to us. You have provided all kinds of knowledge so that we can be competent in our professions. You have given us professional ethics and the basic values of our nation. You gave us confidence. You have given us the knowledge and ability to be successful in our profession. Believe me, it is worth everything that you have given us the courage to knock on your doors when we are stuck in the practical part of life in the upcoming periods. And I would like to state that we are very lucky to have such valuable teachers.”

The program continued with the presentation of certificates of achievement to the top-ranking students, and the hammering the reliefs on the age log by Rector Karabulut and Büşra Yalçın the top student of the Faculty of Agriculture, and a cap throwing ceremony. Students who experienced the joy of graduation threw their caps into the air.

The program ended with the Concert of Folk Music Singer Şükriye Tutkun. During the concert, fun images emerged with the participation of the students.